I am nihilsupernum from tumblr and twitter (audiences thereof should not mingle any more than they already have, the set of things I can say is larger when they are separate). The blog title is an anagram of ‘nihilsupernum’. I have a burning urge to have everything I believe written out coherently in one place. This isn’t particularly feasible, but I am nonetheless harnessing that urge into making a real blog. My current mode is just telling people things I think of in several-hundred-word rants and then never returning to them, which is probably actually fine but feels deeply wrong. Adjusting from this will probably cause earlier posts to be short and with a lot of assumed knowledge. I can’t really predict what this will be about; I am interested in some cloud of things around sociology/politics/philosophy/cognitive science/anthropology/history, which are near each other in memespace for some reason. This post was unnecessary but I must carry on the tradition of starting with a post exactly one meta level up though I know not whence it cometh. Onwards!


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